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What is IPM

The aim of this web site is to:-

  • make an elementary identification of insects & other pests on citrus crops in the Vaalharts region of South Africa

Step 1 - do you want to identify the pest itself, or the damage it has caused to fruit, leaves etc.

Step 2 - click on the categroty of Pest or Damage

Step 3 - search through the photgraphs to find an example of what you have.


What is a Pest?

A pest is an organism that causes yield loss to the harvestable product (lemons, oranges, grapes, apples etc). There are six pest categories - select the description that seems nearest to what you have in your hand:-

  1. Arthropods (spiders, mites, insects)

  2. Nematodes (earthworms)

  3. Molluscs (snails, slugs)

  4. Vertebrates (rats, snakes etc)

  5. Pathogens (mould, fungi etc)

  6. Weeds (invasive plants, grasses etc)


What kind of damage?

blah blah blah

  1. Fruit

  2. Leaves

  3. Roots

  4. Blossom

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